True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.

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Sky Ferreira.

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Beer honestly just tastes how I imagine urine to taste it is so rank and people are always like nah try this because this is special Beer and then it’s like oh ok urine with cinnamon in it great

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"We could have loved each other, I was sure of that. But at what point in time, at what place in the world? Nowhere on earth, in any case, and at no point in the future."

Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins
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VMan #31 Spring/Summer 2014
Photographer: Richard Burbridge
Styling: Robbie Spencer
Model: Yuri Pleskun

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the best way to protect your shit on the internet is to not put it on the internet

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do you ever go through your own blog and just smile because even though as a blog it is objectively terrible it’s, like, the only space in the world that is 100% tailored to you and your interests

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